Michel Auder, Chronicles/Morocco and Morocco 1972: The Real Chronicles with Viva

Morocco/Chronicles Auder


This was an event that I missed, very sadly, due to a late night of work.  However, I am familiar with some of the other films of Michel Auder.  This event looked particularly interesting as it includes two versions of a work edited together from the same footage 30+ years apart.  The willingness to go back into one’s oeuvre and re-edit is one of the great freedoms of working with moving images, but it is rarely ever done.  When it comes to video work especially, there is a paradox in that video never really exists in a stable format — as a film might exist in a “print” –; but by this same token this assumes that one actually has the out-dated technology, or a digitized transfer.  In Auder’s work, the effects of such re-editing seem to be particularly revealing.  If anyone saw this, I would love to hear about.


3 responses to “Michel Auder, Chronicles/Morocco and Morocco 1972: The Real Chronicles with Viva

  1. i’ve seen the chronicles from morocco a number of times and it’s a really fantastic video. no paradox about video not having form – it’s just like thinking.

  2. Unfortunately the thinking within the work goes something like this: ‘I’m Too Stoned To Be An Imperialist.’

    White folks fascination with camels and brown folk in a very exterior manner is rather tired.

    Several scenes pull themselves out of it but still…

    it was sustained in the Q and A, as queries of the Moroccan author at the event included: “What would YOU recommend in Tangier?”

    Show this work, certainly. Notice its fetishisms and how robust these fetishisms still are, perhaps.

  3. p.s. I’m not too stoned to know that I am going to retain the title “I’m Too Stoned To be An Imperialist” for a deeper look at this phenomenon, in written and visual form. It will involve a screening of sorts and if you like I’ll let you know when it projects.

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